Design Concept

The proposed development sits on the site of the former London and North Eastern Railway works. It included sweeping railway sidings and various buildings which constantly changed throughout its history.


Our proposals seek to connect the wider Baltic Business Quarter (BBQ) area with the A184 Park Lane/Felling Bypass and other developments to the south, including the proposed Exemplar Neighbourhood. They include a micro-brewery/pub-restaurant building at the junction of Albany Road with the Felling Bypass.


Along with a proposed new gym, this will help to provide new frontage to the A184 and draw people into the site. A number of other retail and leisure units of varying sizes are proposed around the edge of the site, in a landscaped setting.

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Concept Plan

Design Principles

A number of key principles have informed the design concept for the proposed development. These principles seek to:

Build on the heritage of the site and local area, to create a development with a unique identity.

Maximise views into and out of the site from key locations.

Improve pedestrian connections into and through the site.

Use landscaping to improve amenity and biodiversity, and create an attractive setting.

Create a positive and attractive frontage, including through the re-designed micro-brewery / pub-restaurant.

Use the building layout to ‘hide’ servicing areas, whilst positively addressing the central square.

Create a gateway to the wider Baltic Business Quarter at the south-east corner of the site.

Facilitate improvements to the surrounding road network

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