The Albany Road Site

The site comprises approximately 3.5 ha and has historically been occupied by railway sidings and industrial uses. These uses ceased many years ago and the site was eventually acquired for redevelopment in 2007. Unfortunately, however, it has not been possible to attract new industrial or office development to the site, and the site continues to remain largely vacant.


In recent years, the industrial unit on the Felling Bypass frontage has been occupied by Dynamix as a skate park, although the current occupier does not pay any rent and the lease can be terminated at the developer’s request at the appropriate time. Although a temporary permission for the change of use of this unit was granted in 2011, it has been operating unlawfully in recent years.


The site has been available for around 15 years without any serious interest emerging in its redevelopment for traditional employment purposes. The majority of the site is semi-derelict and un-managed, and there are significant remediation issues.

18023_Historic Plan-1951.jpg

Historical Plan