The Benefits

Gateshead is currently served by a range of retail and leisure developments, including those within the Town Centre, at the Metrocentre and at Retail World (Team Valley). However, with the exception of a number of freestanding foodstores and other smaller shops, which meet only day to day needs, provision on the eastern side of Gateshead is limited.


There is also a need to provide accommodation for retail and leisure operators who are either not represented in the area or require additional stores/units. This could include operators who have been displaced from existing destinations in Gateshead (for example, Team Valley) and who might otherwise be lost to the Borough.

The proposed development would also provide facilities that enhance the attractiveness of the wider Baltic Business Quarter area.

The proposed development would result in a range of benefits for the area. It would:


Redevelop a largely vacant site, which lies in a prominent location


Enhance the choice of retail and leisure facilities on the eastern side of Gateshead


Provide complementary facilities for existing and future residents in the surrounding area


Create around 140 full-time equivalent jobs, as well as spin-off employment


Reduce the need for people to travel to meet their retail and leisure needs


Help to stimulate interest in the redevelopment of adjoining sites, including within the BBQ


Generate additional visits to Gateshead Town Centre


Include a landmark micro-brewery/pub-restaurant building, which draws people into the site


Significant investment (£8.8m) in the local area


Land reserved for potential highway Improvements